Aardvark Marketing Consultants Ltd, | GDPR Marketing basics for SME’s

GDPR Marketing basics for SME’s

There are plenty of myths being circulated about GDPR. For an SME director some of this looks incredibly frightening. Here we try to offer a sensible, reasonable approach to the new legislation by considering 5 basic questions. We are not lawyers, so this blog isn’t intended to be legal advice, but instead is a starting […]

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Woodrush High students enjoy Enterprise day

Can you help at Woodrush High Careers Fair on Tuesday, 8th May?

Gill Hutchinson, Enterprise Advisor to Woodrush High School in Wythall, is appealing to local businesses to support their annual careers fair on Tuesday, 8th May from 10.30am until 3pm. Cheryl Bishop,Careers Event co-ordinator, shares their plan for the day. We are looking for a range of employment sectors and professions to attend our Careers Fair to enable […]

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Aardvark Marketing Consultants | Gill Hutchinson with Woodrush year 10 students

Woodrush High students enjoy high pressure world of business

Year 10 Business and Enterprise Day was a great success at Woodrush High School. The entire year group were ‘off timetable’ doing challenges as varied as crisis management, reviving a toxic brand and trying new ways of communication. The day kicked off with outside speakers. Simon Beckett spoke about his expanding business from farming to […]

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Aardvark Marketing Managers get results!

Aardvark Marketing Manager customers are celebrating some great success stories to get 2018 off to a cracking start. Our expert marketers design, deliver and project manage marketing activity for busy business owners, leaving them more time to concentrate on delivering great products and services. Beach Art Glass, who exhibited at the NEC Watch and Jewellery […]

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Aardvark Marketing Consultants | Beware a drop in complaints

Beware a drop in complaints

Like many businesses, we have an external company who provide our IT support. They are very good, quick to respond, and can usually fix our problems quickly. They also provide a monitoring service which identifies potential problems in time for them to be fixed before we are even aware of them. All good then? Well, […]

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Consistency is key to creating effective marketing

Everyone is familiar with the feast and famine cycle that seems to afflict so many businesses. It can be difficult to manage, but understanding why it occurs is key to reducing it. The cycle comes about as follows; the business gets busier, we are forced to simply deal with the day-to-day needs of the customers, […]

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Aardvark Marketing Consultants | "Do. Or not do"

“Do. Or not do. There is no try.”

In the week that “the Last Jedi”, the new Star Wars film is released, I have unashamedly borrowed a quote from Yoda in one of the early films. The thought though was triggered by another excellent blog from Seth Godin , how does the ball know? where he talks about follow through. What both are really […]

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Aardvark marketing Consultants Ltd | Outsourcing

Outsourcing is the Key to Better Efficiency

Regardless of what many would have you believe, most people aren’t very good at multitasking. Many people claim to be able to multitask, but in truth they’re fooling themselves. When you take on too many tasks they either don’t get done, or corners get cut in an attempt to get everything done. Buddhists believe you […]

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Aardvark Marketing Consultants | Driverless Marketing

Driverless marketing?

“Driverless cars” seems to have been a news story almost every day for the last few months and no sign of it slowing up.  Personally, I’m not keen on the idea – I can’t think of a single piece of IT that I have owned or used that hasn’t gone wrong at some point, so […]

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