Multi-touch marketing

Often people’s marketing activities can be an assortment of things, without an actual plan or system in place. Sometimes we do what we have always done, and add in a little of what other people are doing. We do our marketing in our quiet periods, at the end of the day, or in a snatched […]

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Are your customers happy?

Happy customers are the very best way to market your business. Happy customers will tell their friends, their colleagues and their family about you. Word of mouth marketing, is still the one number way to promote your business. A study from Nielsen in 2011 stated that 92% of people will trust a personal recommendation, that […]

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Are you tied in?

Have you ever been stuck in a long-term contract? There are advantages, such as budgeting your cash flow and having a fixed price, but it doesn’t allow you any chance of changing. Small businesses are dynamic and can respond quickly to changes in their marketplace. Compared to large businesses which, like ocean liners, can take […]

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Too many hats?

Running your own business is difficult. The calls on your time are endless, and switching between roles, can be tiring and unproductive. You can start each day full of good intentions, and end up resorting to firefighting. As a business owner you can feel like you are endlessly switching hats, from management, to finance, to […]

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Aardvark Marketing Consultants | In a race to the bottom who loses?

In a race to the bottom who loses?

I had the unhappy task today of attending the funeral of my uncle. He died a couple of weeks ago aged 89 and packed a lot into those 89 years. One of the comments made about him was about his attitude to work-life balance. Now, bear in mind that he retired in the mid-1980s and […]

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Competitive Advantage – Part 5

Would you like more customers, more sales, and more profit? Yes! But you are busy, running your business, doing the finances, managing your team, delivering to your clients. You are time poor. We can help. You can outsource your marketing requirements to us. We have different services that we can provide, depending on your situation. […]

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Why your marketing (probably) isn’t working

Many business owners think that marketing doesn’t work. “But we have tried this,” they say, “and that, and that. and it didn’t work.” Often this problem arises when we try and spread ourselves too thinly across a vast array of marketing outlets, and fail to record and monitor our results and ROI. Without creating a […]

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Competitive Advantage – Part 4

Competitive advantage isn’t simply a matter of working out your differences, and the attributes that set you apart, but what you do with that information. How do you turn your differences into a marketing campaign, how do you build messages based around that information? Strategic marketing is key to building a coherent marketing program based […]

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Aardvark Marketing Consultants | Double celebrations for Excellence in Innovation at Aardvark Marketing

Double celebrations for Excellence in Innovation at Aardvark Marketing

Aardvark Marketing Consultants are celebrating winning two UK awards at this year’s Technology Innovators CV Magazine awards, building on their success in 2017 and 2016. Technology Innovators CV Magazine Awards have just announced the 2018 winners, with Aardvark Marketing receiving the Excellence in Marketing Management Services and the Social Media & Content Marketing Specialists. In […]

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